A weekend of adjustments

Hey everyone

The past weekend was dedicated to new adjustments for me.
Just last week, the packages I ordered from CRC arrived: a new set of handlebars, grips and a Leatt Brace (if you ride Downhill or Freeride, get one. Seriously).
I also had already bought a new jersey/pants gear a few weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to ride with it, so it was my first time riding with DH/FR pants. I liked it! x)

The Leatt had to be adjusted, the medium pins were too big and the Leatt was too far away from my shoulders and chest... The smaller pins that come with the Leatt did the trick just fine.
And all in a super simple process, using a small key and messing around with four screws.

Here are a few (mighty shitty) pics:


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