How hard can it be?

I was typing my review about CamelBak Scudo when a user posts in my MTB forum a link from a free portuguese mountain biking magazine. I click on it and then I saw the most recent pdf. You may click on it that will enlarge.

It stated the most barbaric thing: "This M.U.L.E.™ Lightweight is 20% lighter than regular M.U.L.E.™, it weights an impressive 460g!"

Most of you will say -"Jorgex, why are you so shocked?"-. I'll tell you why!

These are weights I've been measuring and browsing:
  • Scudo™ LE '09 - 555g w/o bladder
  • BlowFish™ '02 - 594 w/o bladder
  • BlowFish™ '09 - >800 w/ bladder
  • Octane™ 20+ LE '09- >700g w/ bladder
I wondered this bizarre anomaly for 30 mins and then I discovered this article in SingleTrackWorld:

Weight comparison:

  • Standard 2009 Mule inc. Reservoir: 840g
  • Mule Lightweight inc. Reservoir: 720g = 14% lighter
  • Mule Lightweight inc. Reservoir minus internal back panel: 665g = 21% lighter
  • Mule Lightweight minus Reservoir and internal back panel: 460g = 45% lighter!!
Hydration: 3.0L Omega Hydrotanium reservoir with lifetime warranty
Cargo: 10.0L
Red or black
Available: July 2009

Uau! For half an hour I thought that Scudo™ LE '09 was a terrible buy for 41€ @ CRC (it was a promotion at the time).
The CamelBak Limited Edition 2009 so far: Scudo™, Octane™ 20+, M.U.L.E.™ Lightweight

How hard can it be? How hard is to find LE 2009 info?

That's a Nokian DH Tube, Leatherman, Pedro's tyre levers, Crank Bros M5
and old Ritchey C.P.R. 9 from '99 or '00.

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