3 years! part two of two

Many things change during this 3 years:
  • Nokia N78 (95% of my photos are from little beauty), 
  • a used Marzocchi MX Comp 105mm ETA '06 (did a revolution in my XC skills), 
  • discovered Rush (it's the best band ever),
  • Sushi (my beloved cold metal friend), 
  • Adobe CS4 (blow my mind in happiness and creativity), 
  • discovered a super girlfriend,
  • 3 CamelbaK backpacks (Scudo LE, Fairfax and The Don)
  • Walkman X1060 (could this be the best mp3 sound I ever heard?),
  • rented a very small apartment in Lisbon,
  • create and documented a alternative pop loc/push loc for my RS Pike (university project),
  • death of my mother,
  • Stan's NoTubes conversion kit, 
  • I dropped university,
  • new glasses
  • lack of money
  • ...

All in all, right now a enjoy a excellent life quality, although I still don't possess a freezer.
For example, I live 25min (biking) from Monsanto, which is biggest park in Lisbon and it's 1 of 3 major mountain biking spots (the others are Arrábida e Sintra).



No, actually was Panaracer tires that I saw last week. A friend of mine bought 2x Panaracer Rampage 2.35", 2x CG All Condition 2.35" and 2x CG AM 2.35".

Panaracer should always use pink!

AM 58-559

All-Condition 58-559
In a near future I'll give my point of view about these tires, just like I did before with the OOP Mountain King 2.4" UST, Continental's MK 1st generation.

Green and yellow for excellent and good traction. Red is no good.


Timing and tired!

Today the water company came to "open" the water for the new headquarters of Jorgex's MTB points of view and it's big sister blog Jorgex & Sushi.

There are some photos here but tomorrow I'll buy a heater, install it myself and Friday is the inspection/activation. Saturday and Sunday will be for moving my stuff. Next week is my birthday!

Very little time because I still have to do 9 hours at work every single day. :(