Dream bikes

Everyone's got their dream bikes... You know, its shapes and angles are perfect, it's got nice (awesome) colors, it rides like a dream, etc. (and no, I'm not talking about girls, real bikes -.-' )

Well, my dream bike is and always has been the Specialized Demo 8 (now the 2009 Demo 8 I). I love every single thing about it.

  • Red and white frame, a winner's choice.
  • Fox DHX 4 out back, RockShox Boxxer up front, DT Swiss wheels (red ones, holy ####), etc etc.

It's soooo awesome... It's the bike I wanna ride some day. The only one.
Think of yours if you don't own them yet, save some money and never give up on your dream, it might just come true.
I now mine will. Just not in a near future.

But it will, I know it.

Some day...

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