Old Pike 454 teaches new tricks. Order now!

I'm so anxious for tomorrow's oral report defense or something like that but tomorrow will be an important day because I'm reviling a new mechanical actuator to substitute the common Pop Loc, Pop Loc Adjustable, Push Loc and Xloc at my college - FCT UNL.

I call it "The Box". Actually it is a smart box with the remember ability which surpasses everything that Rock Shox and Cannondale's Simon have done to date (2010).

Finally my Sushi - Canyon Nerve ESX 7.0 SE '08 - will show how reliable and smart it is.

The tricky part in using this Shape Memory Alloy prototype was the heat. Body design and electrical installation are crucial, not to mention battery and high cost, although it's a very low tech, low weight and super reliable.

Order now! 50€ each, I guess... 5 meters of this stuff is 80€, then I have to educate it and assemble it. :)

P.S. - I have another theory: How smart is my Sushi/NiTi? Well, it's possible to measure it by using music. So I gave 3 songs from my library and it picked up Toto. (0_0)

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