Flats vs Clipless - that same old battle / School's out!

Hey everyone,

Since my dad bought some Shimano DX shoes and the first set of clipless pedals in the family, I've been keen on trying to ride with them. I've been doing so for a couple of months now, and before that, I've always ridden flats, ever since I started riding.
So, based on my long term experience with flats and my new experience with clipless shoes, I can now start a small but hopefuly enlightening comparison between the two of them. Please note that my point of view on the subject concerns DH use only.
I'll start my writing today so I can bring you some precise and fully thought out opinion, instead of "on the knee" kind of writing.


Well, school's finally out. It's time to go catch some waves down at the beach with me mates during the week and shredding some berms, jumps, rocks and roots at the weekend. Then coming home to watch some World Cup video gold (thanks Dirt TV and Parkin bros!). It's quite a time, this.

I'd also like to give a big shout out to all portuguese riders that are now racing all the DH World Cups, especially to Emanuel Pombo, who's been making us real proud here in our little european corner, having qualified in every stage untill now, pulling some really good results out of the bag. Cheers m8, best of luck to you. ;)