My Friday's...

...are so tedious! This is the result of 4.5h of ME [Micro Electronics] of Materials eng..

Yes! There's no magic at all: a finger backwards and a foto diode something something. Most time is spend on the "oven", really, Baking is one of the steps for creating a diode.

The fotolithography process:
  • Surface Preparation
  • Coating (Spin Casting)
  • Pre-Bake (Soft Bake)
  • Alignment
  • Exposure
  • Development
  • Post-Bake (Hard Bake)
  • Processing Using the Fotoresist as a Masking Film
  • Stripping
  • Post Processing Cleaning (Ashing)

This is very boring for mountain biking but Materials eng. is a big part of my live and I want to share with mtb community.

I also want to share a class picture here I look like a total geek. Just follw the arrow!

Right in front of me appeared this student from Romania, I guess. The point is that she was the most blueish eyes I ever seen. I can almost dive in and swim around. Slap, slap... <.<'

Remember the film Dune? Well, is that blue!

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