The Motherlode - episode 1

Yes, today was one of those days of great findings:a Sachs PC91 drilled 9 spd chain.

The story behind this chain is funny. Sintesi (my MTB Master) and I when to pay a visit to one of our LBS: OutSide (aka Scott's portuguese distributor). I asked to may friend behind the balcony the cheapest chain in the store, something like my former Shimano CN-HG53, somethig around 9€.

Guess what? He hadn't anything for 9€ and zero chains from Shimano.

I asked for a Rohloff chain or a cheaper Connex thing. Zero!

Then I looked to the multiple choise of SRAM chains card box and 17€ for a PC951 was pretty expensive to me.

Raul, the
friend behind the balcony of OutSide, said - Well, I do have a box with cheap things. -

After a short going to the store stock, he appeared with a Sachs chain. I didn't thought twice and brought home for 13.5€. =P

Is 307g bad for a chain?

P.S. - This is the first episode of many lost/rare itens forgotten in Portugal!

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