Which Superhero Would You Ride With?

I was reading Fatty's blog and this subject was very interesting.

I answered:

I vote for Snake Pliskin. He would be very useful during the long mtb journey.

1st - Inject some sort of poison or explosives charges in his bloodstream that will last 24h…
2nd - Drop him on the event with a gps tracker and nothing more. He must capture enemy bikes to complete the task.
3rd - He have to neutralize any bikes in front of my, making me finish the event in first place.
4th - Give antidote and run way very fast from him.

This is too bloody. Perhaps T-1000 from Terminator is better.

He could morph in to “morphing bike”. Forget U-Turn, lock out or pro pedal because it adapts instantaneously to the terrain conditions. Big tyres in a second, small travel in the other second and stuff like that. And smart internal gears too!

T-1000 is awesome! =P

Some things happen like pure bad luck and to fight it there's a "super hero" that is luck it self. Remember Falkor from Never Ending Story? He's survives and passes through everything with pure luck. I enjoy his faith in luck.

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