Specialized Flat Boy

Remember the old trash box from PortalBTT? It's back!

Today is the Flat Boy review!

Usually these kind of sticker patches are bad but this was back in 2000. Perhaps somebody reinvented the sticker formula through the years and i decided to give them a second chance.

Specialized Flat Boy:
4.5€, box 1"x1", 1 sandpaper, 6 patches, ??g

Very light on the jersey pocket but pricey. I can easily buy 4 tubes but 4 tubes vs. 6 patches? I have my doubts.

Well, i tried them at home (i discovered a flat tire before going out) and this is very easy and fast to recover a pinched tube. You only have to remove the tube, sanding the puncture area, clean it, stick it, place it on the wheel and, here is the secret, inflate the tire with more pressure than usual and of you go!
These patches are flexible from zero km to many km. They do stretch a little bit and are fine for patch thorns and small holes on your tubes. Congratulations for this product, Specialized!

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