Road tires

I spend most time rolling on asphalt.

Giant Escaper'92 (hardtail), Marzocchi MX Comp ETA 105mm'06, brake Hope M4(f)/Magura HS-11(r), Mavic XM 321(f)/Ritchey rock WCS(r). At that time i used Mavic D521 rear rim.

Panaracer Hi Road S:
13€, size 1.75" (47-559), steel bends, 450g
There it is! My small CrankBros pump.

I bought this Japanese at LBS. I asked for something large enough for my D521 rim. After a long and deep search this friendly tire just hop in to my hands.

Hi-Road S front spec:
It's cool. Good brake power and low ground contact when going forward on asphalt. It grips on turns until you reach 45º. If you go beyond that, there is a serious slippery risk.
This tire doesn't like water and/or sand during the turning process, usually it ends bad.

Hi-Road S rear spec:
Not a fast roller. I guess that is normal to expect from a 1.75" slick tire. There's no difference between Hi-Road S and Hutchinson Python @60psi rolling on asphalt.
Hi-Road S is very save on turns except those tiny, mini roundabouts. In this setup, the tire is more tolerable to water than front setup.

Panaracer is great on dry weather! It manages asphalt, pavement and cyclo-cross very well. The wet chapter is another story... Hi-Road has a hard rubber, 70a, and is extremely durable.
About the punctures, it happened 3 times but the worst was when i went through a small hole and tubes became flat in no time. I only had one spare tube so i pedal all the way home. After 7km, the Panaracer has the only surviver and it made much more km after that hole. This is a tire with a strong will.

Recommended for training, commuting and great front tire for road mtb or rear tire for cyclo-cross.

Here it is, radar:
1 - Run for your lifes!
2 - Below average
3 - Normal/It does the job
4 - Above medium
5 - Outstanding!

- large
- great on dry
- durable

- wet asphalt is dangerous but then again, they all are

Please comment if you have this product and/or if you agree or not.

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