Hope Mono M4 '05, part 4

I happy with the performance between Road and Enduro/All-Mountain but Hope is pricey. If it wasn't for ChainReaction prices i would definitively buy some Shimano LX or a used Hayes Nine in Portugal.

Braking with Mono M4 is quite linear and not spongy or irregular. Probably a consequence for using DOT 5.1 fluid. Speaking of witch, Hope does not have a specific bleeding kit like Magura or Hayes witch is a good thing. You can use Motul or Castrol brake fluid.

Mono M4 is practical and functional. PM turns everything easy and it's easy to bleed just like Magura and Shimano brakes.

Recommended for Road to DH use by changing disc size.

Our pal radar:
1 - Run for your lifes!
2 - Below average
3 - Normal/It does the job
4 - Above medium
5 - Outstanding!

- modulation
- hot?! what is that?
- uses DOT 5.1
- silent except it's raining or there's water in the disc

- weak original pads, not very abrasive and bad finished rotor
Hope's Floating Disc not compatible with Marzocchi's PM
- pricey standard brake e pricey extras

Please comment if you have this product and/or if you agree or not.

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