Hope Mono M4 '05, part 3

Pad quality? Well... The original pads weren't that good. They became glassy during 2º visit to Sintra's downhill track. Except the DH, i never knew what hot means so, with 7" rotor you can do everything except DH.
I bought EBC's golden pads for Mono M4 and they are great. There is no extra power but it lasts longer on heavy weather conditions. The problem is the 30€ pad cost and the excessive padding material. I had to release some oil pressure from M4 just for the 4 pistons get inside and give more room for the pads.
I bought M4 with Hope's Braided Hose for an extra 15€. This is great! It does the same thing as 60€ Goodridge Hose Kit. It's almost impossible to smash or cut this 6mm metal hose on a serious crash. Useful and stylish.

The brake lever is extremely well finished but not so ergonomic as Formula Oro K18's lever. It has two bolts to grab the handlebar witch is great, saves time when removing M4 instead of removing grip and barplug.

Zero problems with:
- DT Swiss Cerit '01 hub
- Manitou and Marzocchi's Post Mount (PM) with steel disc
Massive headaches with:
- Bloody Marzocchi's PM doesn't like Hope's
Floating Disc. It doesn't fit at all!!

Mono M4 rear:
The old Cod Fish does not support disc brake... =(

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