3 years! part two of two

Many things change during this 3 years:
  • Nokia N78 (95% of my photos are from little beauty), 
  • a used Marzocchi MX Comp 105mm ETA '06 (did a revolution in my XC skills), 
  • discovered Rush (it's the best band ever),
  • Sushi (my beloved cold metal friend), 
  • Adobe CS4 (blow my mind in happiness and creativity), 
  • discovered a super girlfriend,
  • 3 CamelbaK backpacks (Scudo LE, Fairfax and The Don)
  • Walkman X1060 (could this be the best mp3 sound I ever heard?),
  • rented a very small apartment in Lisbon,
  • create and documented a alternative pop loc/push loc for my RS Pike (university project),
  • death of my mother,
  • Stan's NoTubes conversion kit, 
  • I dropped university,
  • new glasses
  • lack of money
  • ...

All in all, right now a enjoy a excellent life quality, although I still don't possess a freezer.
For example, I live 25min (biking) from Monsanto, which is biggest park in Lisbon and it's 1 of 3 major mountain biking spots (the others are Arrábida e Sintra).

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