3 years! - part one of two

Hydrate or Dry... Or Die!
Hurray, Jorgex's MTB points of view reached the 3rd year!

Today I did not pedal. I went to the local cinema house and watched 127 Hours with a couple of friends. They laugh about it because the main character uses a camelbak or a camel bladder just like me! Yes, Jorgex goes to work with The Don 2010 from camelbak.

The Don is far from perfect, however it does carry lots of useless stuff like:
  • 3L of H2O
  • Nokian N78 cellphone
  • Wallet
  • Smart Wallet (Lezine tire levers, Topeak Mini 18+ and a Leatherman)
  • MacBook Pro 13.4"
  • WB external something 3.5" 2TB (on week end) or a 16GB pen drive (during week days)
  • Interweb from Vodafone
  • Deoderant
  • ZON paper work
  • ZON neck leash - wasabi color
  • 2 notebooks
  • 3 pens (2 blue and 1 black)
  • 4 chains (Wippermann and a Rohloff S-L-T 99)
  • Buff, cap and a black mountain bike rain coat from AGU
  • Wallkman 1060X, USB cable and AKG Q350
  • ZON's Stress Ball (super useful before, during and after customer phone call)
  • 1 or 2 Ramen to dinner at work, with 1 bowl and a fork
  • 1 orange/mango juice
  • Power bars
  • Always carry one magazine like MBR, TopGear or portuguese mags like Exame Informática (to outsmart/retain ZON clients), Visão.
  • Home keys

In the end, I carry to many things inside The Don. It's a well made frameless pack. By the way, The Don is very stable when the bladder is full (of water or air)... I forget what I was thinking.

Anyway, my friends and colleagues from work are starting to understand the way of Jorgex. (^_^")

P.S. - Unlike the main caracter from 127 Hours, I hear crappier music. Recently I start hearing Rhapsody, Death and Blood Stain Child. I'm a sucker for metal.

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