Crappy life...

In the end of the day, this is my life:
Poor Sushi and I...
I'm a few inches away from poorness. The only kind of work I do/find is telemarketing and I receive 2.5€ per hour, which is very low to survive in Portugal. By the way, I'm living in a friend's room. I can't rent my own apartment!

I worked many years as collaborator in windsurf events (national and international), 1 year in an atelier doing serigraphy (does this work exists in english?), 2 months in Decathlon (cycling department) as salesman/mechanic assistance, 4 months in telemarketing doing inbound (selling snail slime, reader's digest, herbs/teas, ear devices for two companies, plus outbound in ZON in prospect department (selling ZON cable tv for people that never had cable tv or had the competition) and right now I'm in retention department (holding back our clients). 

Although, ZON offers the best TV, Phone and Interweb services, the portuguese population thinks that the competition is best when ZON was the lowest prices and most benefits. How can I fight against old people that are with PT phone for 30 or more years and PT (MEO/Sapo/TMN) offers a very basic 3 play services? It's very hard to convince this people. There is a moral code that once a portuguese sign a contract, they are loyal to the end.

I also work a lot with Adobe Acrobat CS4 and PhotoShop CS4. I do a few things in Illustrator CS4 and I dominate MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2008 (Mac), yet no one want's this photoshop services.

Did I tell you that I'm a finalist in Materials Engineering? (O_O)

Life is unbearable in Portugal and IMF is coming in March 2011...

I have an empty life. :(

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