The Don 2010 is super!

Last week a friend of mine (Fukendie) needed a proper crankset. So we went to another friend (Freddy) to pick up a borrowed RaceFace Evolve XC or something like that.

Smart Wallet is great!
It sounds easy but it wasn't.  For some reason, the RF crankset had a small slack between the crank and bearing. So, we removed an Shimano LX from another bike that Freedy had and installed the RF Evolve again. Same problem!

Suddenly the solution crossed my mind: interweb! Fukendie and Freddy said how am I going to do it in the mindle of nowhere and I showed my brand new CamelbaK - The Don 2010 -  for a mere 65€.

  1. I placed the camel on the floor and and zipped it
  2. I removed the MacBook Pro 13" and a interweb thingy from Vodafone in one of many internal pockets of The Don
  3. Connected the hole thing and establish communication with RF website
  4. Download the respective pdf et voilá
For some reason Freddy wanted to know the meaning of RF 10mm nut but he didn't had a proper tool. Again, The Don 2010 did magic!

  1. From another major internal pocket at the bottom I removed the mythical Lezyne's Smart Wallet
  2. Inside the Smart Wallet there was a Topeak Mini 18+ with a 10mm alan key just to remove the crank nut that Freddy wanted
After the big camel display, Fukendie and I went home with Freddy's RF Evolve XC crankset. This crankset was the last missing part to complete Fukendie's bike: an Spec. Epic S-Works 2009.

The point was that The Don 2010 save two men lives in half an hour and it did with saffron stix pattern style! :)

P.S. - Is it slack or play between mechanical parts? I don't have much verbal skills.

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