Multi-release cleats - can't get much better than this

Ever since I've put multi-release cleats on my Shimano's, my riding style and ease have improved a lot. They're genious!

They blend the ease you get from flatties of knowing you can take your feet off the pedals whenever you want with the safety and performance pedalling you get from clipless pedals.
This is due to the ability to unclip by twisting your feet not only sideways (like you do on normal cleats), but also diagonally (up and left or right, according to which foot you're twisting), which makes the rider feel much safer, since that diagonal twist is a much better way to unclip when over-steering on a sharp corner, for instance.

Having that said, before I end this post, I'd like to send a big shout out to all the guys at chainreactioncycles.com for "giving" me the best helmet 38€ can buy, all thanks to water damaged boxes. Speed Stuff Attack, from 126 to 38€. That's a no brainer!