What the duece?

I bought from CRC two Lezyne Matrix Levers, a par of CB Smarty white/black and a par of CB Acid 1 2009. I think both pedals are from 2009 but it doesn't matter, I bought them for propelling issues.

The Lezyne lever thingys are ok. The Smarty pedals are ok, I guess. Their intention is to back up the Acid 1 since the CB cleats in CRC cost 16€ and Smarty costs the amount of money.

The point is Acid 1 sucks! No, wait! Did I said Acid 1, I meant Acid Zero or Acid OEM. Big mistake from CRC! These Acid OEM went totally loose after 70km of pure XXC. So, before I send a complaint to CRC, I went to see my mountain biking master to help me with Acid completely 'corroded'.

15 ball on one side, 13 on the other side... What the duece?

Two balls where stuck on the race nut. You don't wanna know how we manage to put everything together but we did and the result is impressive: looseless!

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AndreXTR said...

I had the same problem with those Acid 0 piece of shit !!!

I complained to CRC and they will send me a voucher to buy alternative pedals... :)