Winter training rules!

Are you sitting on your arse all day, on top of your big holiday feasts?

No more. If you ride mountainbikes, especially DH, get up and go ride some wet, perhaps snowy trails. It's guaranteed fun.
I've been winter riding with my brother on some technical stuff we love, and it's been awesome. Every turn gets extra slippery, every rock trickier, every root a menace.
It's awesome!

Every time you start to roll down that hill, you just want to push harder and harder, especially if you're trying to follow someone, which is something I really reccomend. Trying to catch up with someone in front of you makes your every pedal stroke harder, your every run as breakless as it can be.

Besides, if you start riding in the wet now, by the time Summer gets here, you'll be completely unstoppable. It's hard stuff but it's worth it, you just gotta get into it.

Signing out,


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