New tyre... Few choices.

Seeing that my front Michelin Hot is really... Not "there" enough for DH, I'm forced to get rid of it and make it a spare.

But I'm now in a tricky situation. I've got my "old" Kenda Nevegal good as new waiting to be set, and I think I never enjoyed a tyre so much as that. The thing is, it's a 2.50 4 ply.

And it's heavy. I mean really heavy.

So, here's the deal. There's no money for a new Maxxis High Roller, or any other new tyre at that.
Either I stay with the so-not-my-taste and slippery Michelin Hot,

which doesn't grip nearly as much as I hoped and needed, but rolls really fast and is ultra light, or I put my excelent, super grippy, reliable, strong and heavy as Garfield the cat Kenda Nevegal 2.50 4 ply. I'm hesitating this much mostly because my bike is already heavy as it is..

I'll let you know when I make up my mind about this.


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