I look terrible!

Don't be afraid... But this was the look after 20km with Panaracer Fire DH Pro 2.3" [55-559]:

I'm realy sorry with the fotos but it's very hard to resize pictures in blogger with Google Chrome. With FireFox I just use the mouse on the pictures corners to resize, like PhotoShop. I could use the html edit thingy but I don't know how to propotionate. It was to be 510px width and height is unknown. Once again, I could use a calculator to see the diference.

I have 2 fotos with 300x400px anda 400x300px.
So, for the 1st case: 300 to 510x is 1.7 times and 400x1.7 is 680px, resolting a picture of 510px by 680px.
For the 2nd case: from 400 to 510px is 1.275 times and 300x1.275 is 383px and the resolt will be 510px by 383px.

Blogger should be easyer!

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