Mayday, mayday! Computer crash... 2

I think it was the motherboard... (='.'=)

Why I'm not like other people that do great blogs based on the writing?
Why I'm those that uses photos as a subject?

The PC crashed and write a post without pictures is bizarre. ^_^"

P.S. - Bizarre or odd?
P.S.S. - Have I told you about Tr!ckstuff? I'm using it in my Hope Mono m4.


funride said...

It`s not bizarre or odd, it`s useless! :P LOL

Why don`t you tell us about those Tr!ckstuff components you`re using!? I would love to know more about them ;)

Take care,

Jorgex said...

I have photos of Tr!ckstuff with Mono M4...

...but it's inside the photografic machine...

...and my PC is down. ^_^"