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I suspect that most of you visited this blog by mistake (so many "1 visit country") and for those I apologize. However, I'll try to invest more time in this blog.
You may noticed a new guy, Ricardo Pereira, to add a few things like his point of view in Free Ride. I'm more Road to All Mountain...

Let's watch the statistics:
Portugal (PT)658
United States (US)194
United Kingdom (GB)178
Germany (DE)59
Canada (CA)32
Australia (AU)31
Italy (IT)30
Netherlands (NL)29
Poland (PL)28
Spain (ES)27
France (FR)23
Singapore (SG)19
Belgium (BE)18
Croatia (HR)17
Hungary (HU)15
Czech Republic (CZ)15
Brazil (BR)14
Slovakia (SK)13
Norway (NO)9
Philippines (PH)9
Denmark (DK)9
Romania (RO)8
Japan (JP)8
Finland (FI)8
Israel (IL)7
Switzerland (CH)6
Sweden (SE)6
Slovenia (SI)6
Europe (EU)5
Bulgaria (BG)5
New Zealand (NZ)5
China (CN)4
Austria (AT)4
Ireland (IE)4
Taiwan (TW)4
Mexico (MX)4
Greece (GR)3
Thailand (TH)3
Malaysia (MY)2
Indonesia (ID)2
Chile (CL)2
Moldova, Republic of (MD)2
Serbia (RS)2
Vietnam (VN)2
India (IN)2
Estonia (EE)1
Latvia (LV)1
Lithuania (LT)1
Russian Federation (RU)1
Macedonia (MK)1
Mauritius (MU)1
South Africa (ZA)1
Argentina (AR)1
Colombia (CO)1
Puerto Rico (PR)1
Ukraine (UA)1
Turkey (TR)1
Hong Kong (HK)1
Luxembourg (LU)1

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Vitor 206 Garcia said...

De facto, devem haver enganos ou então ligações via proxy estrangeiros. Talvez o que se passou com os Mexicanos no bikeEmTerra lol