Factory torque tool?

I noticed today that Canyon is giving a free torque tool for each bike bought in 2009.

Here it is:
And here's a direct translation:
"For the correct trick: Torque wrench for the correct seat of all bolt connections from 3 to 12 Nm. The optimal torque can simply and controlled with torques Wrench to be tightened. Including: Essay nut for larger S chrauben."

For those want this tool, it's 13€ plus 9.999... Plus 10€ forwarding expenses which makes 23€.

It is very useful but i was looking for something like these:
- Syntace Torque Tool, 3-20N.m

- BBB BTL-52, 2 - 24N.m

- ParkTool TW-5, 3-15N.m (I didn't find a bigger picture)

Why all good (between 2-20N.m) wrenches are expensive? I hope they adapt to all kinds of Allan keys but I'll write down a wrench tool for 2010 budget, I'm kinda sort on money now... :P

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