Finish Line Liquid Lubes

Wax or Dry Lube from Finish Line? Well, i tried both and to be honest Dry excels the Wax version in everything: application and longevity.

I'm very used to Motorex Wet Lube e Weldtite's Wax but the LBS start selling Finhish Line form. Both are liquid and i have to be careful not to grease the floor when i lube the chain. Motorex and Weldtite are a lot more viscus and easier to apply.
The Wax version needs to be applied 8 to 12 hours before the event or week end. If applied in less time, well... Even water lubes the chain better.

Dry lube is ok! It lasts around 120km with a generous initial application. Dry has a good resistance against wet conditions but this is not a good thing when i tried to degrease it. I have to use more cleaner and more scraping with toothbrush. =P
On the other hand, Wax collects less dirt than Dry but it lasts 50, 60km tops. Wax has no wet resistance and its super easy to clean. In contrast, Weldtite's Wax lasts like hell and it´s so hard to remove. I have use my fingernails to remove a little bit of green Krytox!

Liquid Dry lube is a fine product. The package is practical and does not leak when upside down. No more oil stains in backpack! The Wax lube is weak. Weaker than Pedro's Ice Wax.

Your friend Radar:
Dry is blue and Wax is red.
1 - Run for your lifes!
2 - Below average
3 - Normal/It does the job
4 - Above medium
5 - Outstanding!

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